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Legg Up Productions Handbook



Mailing Address: 444 County Rd. 550N Wayne City, IL 62895

Physical Address: 106 East Smith St. Wayne City, IL 62895

Contact Number: 618.895.2323 or 618.895.4881



Studio Handbook

Thank you for choosing Legg Up Productions for your child’s instruction in dance, tumbling, and cheer.  I’m extremely excited to get started and looking forward to working with your child.  Below you will find general information about the studio.


Classes Offered:                                                                     

Jazz                                                        Competitive Cheerleading                                                              

Tap                                                         Tumbling and Team Tumbling                                   

Ballet                                                      Preschool Dance or Preschool Tumbling                      

Hip-Hop                                                   Mom and Tot

Recreational Cheer/Poms Combo          Moms Dance(starts in January) 


Monthly Class Fees per Family:                           

1 Class: $45                                            6 Classes: $170

2 Classes: $70                                        7 Classes: $195

3 Classes: $95                                         8 Classes: $220

4 Classes: $120                                       9 Classes: $245 

5 Classes: $145                                     10 Classes: $270



Our mission is to provide a place where students can learn in a positive environment while building self-esteem and confidence.  We also strive to push our athletes to the highest potential they can achieve.  Our philosophy is simple, but focused.  We like to maintain excellence in training and build great relationships in every way that counts.


CLASS SESSIONS: Class sessions are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.  Class times depend on the class your child is in, how many children are participating in that class, and whether it is recreational or competitive.  Class schedules will be available upon registration.  Changes may be made to the schedule after registration because I make class schedules based upon interest from registration forms.  If changes are made, we will contact you with your new class times. 

PRIVATE CLASSES:  Private classes are 30 minutes and will only be made if time slots are available.  Private Sessions will be $25.00 per session. Semi-privates are $10.00 per session.   If your child is struggling with a skill or getting very close to a skill, you can request a private session occasionally throughout the year.  Staff will generally do these on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.    

CLASS FEES: Class fees are due the first full week of every month.  We reserve the right to charge a late fee of $20.00 per week for accounts that are 30 days in arrears.  This will be strictly enforced.  If you choose to drop any classes, you must notify Nina or studio staff immediately.  Monthly billing will be applied to your account until we are notified.  There will be no refunds.  There will also be a $20.00 fee for all checks that are returned.       

REGISTRATION FEE: There is an annual registration fee of $25.00 per child with an additional $5.00 per child in each family.  The registration fee is due upon registration and is non-refundable. 

RECITAL FEE: There is also an annual recital fee of $25.00 per child with an additional $10.00 per child in each family.  The recital fee is due the last week of April and is non-refundable.  Your recital fee must be paid in full along with your account balance or your child will not be allowed to participate in the recital.  I highly encourage all children to participate in the recital!   

OPEN DOOR POLICY: I have an open door policy.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to speak with me anytime (without interfering with a class session).  If I’m teaching class when approached, I will suggest that I call you back when I’m done teaching or possibly suggest making an appointment to meet with you at a more appropriate time.  I can also be contacted through email at  

NEWSLETTERS, CALENDARS, NOTICES:  We are still going paperless this year. Notes will be handed out occasionally. We will be posting everything to our website and sending out alerts via text messages.  It will be your responsibility to sign up for these and to stay informed.  Please see the ALERT info for directions on how to sign up for our text message system.   


  • Students are only allowed on equipment during class time in which a trained staff member is present.
  • Gum, candy, food, and drinks are prohibited during class time.
  • Students are not permitted in or out of the studio during class sessions. We also ask that all parents enter the studio to pick up your children. 
  • All children must come to practice with a positive and respectful attitude towards staff members, children, and parents. Bullying, lying, profanity, or any other form of negative behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the removal from the class or left up to the discretion of Nina Legg, Studio Owner.  This also applies to all parents!!!!
  • Any physical damage done to the property of Legg Up Productions or one’s personal property while on the premises of Legg Up Productions will result in immediate exclusion from the studio with no refunds.
  • All spectators must keep noise to a minimum and refrain from speaking to students during class sessions.
  • We ask that you keep your children from touching our yearly pictures on the wall. These are very expensive and we are very proud of them.  This has been a major problem within the last year.  If I see your child touching the pictures, I will ask you to re-direct them.  If it continues to be a problem, I will charge a $10.00 fee to your account each time it is an issue.


DRESS CODE:  Proper dance attire must be worn at all times.  Leotards, gym shorts/pants, fitted shirts and tank tops are all acceptable.  Please do NOT wear jeans, pajamas, or t-shirts.  Jazz, ballet, and tap shoes are all appropriate for dance, this also includes dance paws.  Tumbling shoes may be worn during tumbling classes but are not required.  Please do NOT send your child to tumbling in socks or preschool ballet shoes.   Tennis shoes (clean) must be worn for cheerleading classes.  Hair must be pulled up and out of your face at all times.

SHOES:  Dance shoes can be ordered online or anywhere that you can find a good deal.

COSTUMES: Each class will have a costume, leotard or GTM practice outfit for recital.  Each costume will be $65.00 to $85.00 (pricing depends on whether you are in a recreational or competitive class).  Each costume deposit of $40.00 is due by the 3rd week of October.  If your child is in multiple classes, you will owe $40.00 times the number of classes they are in.  The remaining balance is due the 3rd week of November.  Costumes will be posted with prices beside them in November. (DOES NOT APPLY TO SUMMER CLASSES)

ADDITIONAL COSTUME FEES FOR COMPETITION STUDENTS: Additional fees may include earrings, necklaces, tights, rhinestones, wig-lets, bows, etc… 

VACATION DAYS: The studio will be closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all other major holidays.  We will also have a brief Spring Break.  Please see the website calendar. 

CANCELLED CLASSES:  Classes will be cancelled if Wayne City Unit #100 closes due to bad weather, or if we feel road conditions are too dangerous for travel.  I would rather be safe than sorry.  If you are in doubt, please call before coming to class, check WFIW Radio, check our Facebook page, or check our website.  If weather becomes severe during class, we will dismiss classes early.

During the summer, we will only cancel classes if we have a personal emergency or if we are witnessing threatening weather due to storms.    

PICTURES:  We will have individual and group pictures by Kim Hinkle Photography in the Spring.  Please watch the website for dates and information.   (DOES NOT APPLY TO SUMMER CLASSES) Pictures should be in April again.

WATCH WEEK: Watch weeks will be held in November and February.  Again, please watch the website for dates and information.  Anyone is invited to watch at visitor’s day but please keep in mind that space is limited. 

RECITAL:  The recital will be either May 22nd/23rd or June 5th/6th at Wayne City Schools.  Our tumbling showcase will be May 20th at Legg Up.  Please mark your calendars.   Recital is so much fun for the kids and parents.  We strongly encourage everyone to participate.   

RECITAL DVD:  We will have a professional videographer capture our recital.   Forms will be handed out 2 weeks prior to the recital.  They can be turned in at the studio or ordered the night of rehearsal.  Price of DVD's will be determined once the videographer is booked.  It generally depends on how long our show runs.

Legg Up WEAR:  We will order T-shirts, practice wear, and warm-ups throughout the year.  These are NOT mandatory, but many of the girls really like to have them.  Please make sure that you complete order forms and return when they are given.  I do NOT order extras.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Find us on Facebook and like our page!  This is a good tool to use for information about the studio! 

WEBSITE: Check us out at  This is an awesome tool to keep up with current events and schedules.  If you have any questions, most likely you will find your answers here!  Just a reminder that we will be going paperless again this year.  EVERYTHING will be posted on the website and sent out through the ALERTIFY text messaging system.  Please see the info below and get signed up TODAY!

ALERTS:  This year we will implement the REMIND system again.  If you want to stay up to date on the latest happenings and information at Legg Up Productions via text or email then this is the program for you. To sign up is easy and free. Standard text message rate do apply and Legg Up is NOT responsible for any text charges.

To receive messages via text, enter this number: 81010 and then text the message for the group or groups that best fit your individual needs.

For all Legg Up parents and students text this message (everyone enrolled at the studio in included in this group: @leggu

For Competitive Cheer parents ONLY text this message-please only sign up for this group if you are involved in competition cheer: @lushakers

For Competitive Dance parents ONLY text this message-please only sign up for this group if you are involved in competition dance: @compdance

For Competition Tumbling parents ONLY text this message-please only sign up for this group if you are involved in competition tumbling: @comptumble

To receive messages via e-mail send an e-mail to the group(s) that best fit your individual needs!

For all Legg Up parents and students:

For Competitive Cheer parents ONLY:

For Competitive Dance parents ONLY:

For Competition Tumble parents ONLY:


I’m looking forward to another amazing year for Legg Up Productions.  I can’t wait to get the season started! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.